r.i.p. Jay Reatard

One of my favorite musicians of the last couple years has been Jay Reatard—definitely one of the most listened to.  I used to listen to his music on my headphones when I rode my bike home from my art studio.  I would always turn it up full blast because I’d be in a pretty insular mental state from painting.  It would rattle me awake for a ride home into the sunset.  A few of the songs levels were much, much higher than the rest and when those would come on my head would explode and my heart would fall out my pants and my eyes would bug out of my face and I think Jay Reatard would think that’s really funny.

I’ve spent the last couple days listening to his music.  I’ll miss the albums he never made (but he made enough for three lifetimes) and I’ll regret never having seen him play live.  Rest in peace Mr. Reatard.

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