new music // Lemolo

We first saw Lemolo play through the fogged-up windows of a dark portable building on a forested bay glowing under the full moon in the San Juan Islands. The building is usually used as a yoga studio. That night it was being used as a sweatbox venue for Doe Bay Fest.  Lemolo kept the hushed, cramped crowd in rapt attention from song to song.  Meagan breathing song through the long hair in her face and Kendra pounding away with primal musicality.  We knew instantly there was something special about this band.

The last time we saw Lemolo play was opening up for Twin Sister the other night in Seattle and we were reminded how powerful and beautiful their dreamy folk rock is (and don’t let the dreamy folkiness fool you—these girls rock hard.)

We’ve decided this is our new favorite band (and they have an album in the works!!)

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