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xmas listen party // Dr. Dog : “Oh My Christmas Tree”

xmas listen party // Dr. Dog : "Oh My Christmas Tree"

Dr. Dog // “Oh My Christmas Tree” :

new song // Dr. Dog : “Broken Heart”

new song // Dr. Dog : "Broken Heart"

Dr. Dog // Broken Heart :

new song // Dr. Dog : “The Truth”

new song // Dr. Dog : "The Truth"

Dr. Dog // The Truth :

listen party // Dr. Dog : “Wild Race” [ep]

listen party // Dr. Dog : "Wild Race" [ep]

Dr. Dog // “Wild Race” [ep] : 2012.10.02 : ANTI :

listen party // Dr. Dog : “Be The Void”

listen party // Dr. Dog : "Be The Void"

Dr. Dog // “Be the Void” : 2012.02.07 : Anti : streaming in its entirety on Team Coco or here or below :

new song // Dr. Dog : “That Old Black Hole”

new song // Dr. Dog : "That Old Black Hole"

Dr. Dog // That Old Black Hole

Daytrotting // Dr. Dog

Click on over to hear their superb session . . . !

new favorite album: Dr. Dog “Shame, Shame”

Dr. Dog // “Shame, Shame” : 2010.04.06 : Anti genre power jam pop sounds like lens flares on the beach. the back seat of a Vanagon road trip. dawn coffee outside a tent. oversized, indoor sunglasses. Dennis Wilson’s hypnagogic dreamscape. notes consistently good. despite their name. verdict fun. so much fun. it might be easy […]

new favorite songs: dr. dog, fever ray, empire of the sun, fleet foxes

2009 is still so young and new, and so much good music has been released already (Animal Collective, Fever Ray, Beirut, etc) and there are so many new albums and bands on the horizon (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Neko Case, Dan Deacon, etc). But for some reason, a lot of the music […]

new music // Dick Diver

new music // Dick Diver

Dick Diver, I don’t think we’ve disliked a band name this much since fellow double Ds Dr. Dog, while still loving the music SO much—and the last time we heard jangle pop this rad was that Wild Nothing/Twin Sister collab . . . Dick Diver // Water Damage : // “New Start Again” : 2011 […]