new song // Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith : “To Follow And Lead”

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith // To Follow And Lead

new song // Anna Of The North : “Someone”

Anna Of The North // Someone

new music // Anna Wise : “Coconuts”

new music // Anna Wise : "Coconuts"

Anna Wise // Coconuts

new song // Body Language : “Addicted”

new song // Body Language : "Addicted"

Body Language // Addicted

new music // Amber Arcades : “Turning Light”

new music // Amber Arcades : "Turning Light"

Amber Arcades // Turning Light

new song // Panda Bear : “Boys Latin”

new song // Panda Bear : "Boys Latin"

Panda Bear // Boys Latin

new song // Limited : “Times Square Poet”

new song // Limited : "Times Square Poet"

Limited // Times Square Poet

new music // Cocktails

new music // Cocktails

Cocktails // Bob Pollard’s Mind // Don’t Bother :

video // Tomorrow’s World : “Life on Earth”

video // Tomorrow's World : "Life on Earth"

Tomorrow’s World // Life on Earth

new song // Broken Bells : “After the Disco”

new song // Broken Bells : "After the Disco"

Broken Bells // After the Disco :

new song // Jorge Elbrose : “Called to Ring”

new song // Jorge Elbrose : "Called to Ring"

  Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Rosenberg are at it again. Jorge Elbrose // Called to Ring :

new song // Zoos of Berlin : “Above the Air”

new song // Zoos of Berlin : "Above the Air"

Zoos of Berlin // Above the Air :

new song // Pond : “Xanman”

new song // Pond : "Xanman"

Pond // Xanman :

new music // Last Days of 1984

new music // Last Days of 1984

Last Days of 1984 // Lost Hearts : // River’s Edge : // Woods :

new favorite video // Ducktails : “Letter of Intent”

new favorite video // Ducktails : "Letter of Intent"

We feel the song is perfectly captured in the desaturated moving picture of a soap bubble slowly shifting through the air. Ducktails // Letter of Intent [dir. by Harrys] :  

new song // Ducktails : “Letter of Intent”

new song // Ducktails : "Letter of Intent"

Ducktails // Letter of Intent [ft. Jessa Farkas, Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford] :

new music // Only Real

new music // Only Real

Only Real // Backseat Kissers : // Cadillac Girl : // New Gold : // Cinnamon Toast :

cover // The New Pornographers : “Think About Me” [Fleetwood Mac]

cover // The New Pornographers : "Think About Me" [Fleetwood Mac]

The New Pornographers // Think About Me [Fleetwood Mac cover] :

video // The Coathangers : “Go Away”

video // The Coathangers : "Go Away"

The Coathangers // Go Away

video // Toro Y Moi : “How I Know”

video // Toro Y Moi : "How I Know"

A whimsical video for a heavy song. Toro Y Moi // How I Know

new favorite artist // Autre ne Veut

new favorite artist // Autre ne Veut

Peter likes this white boy soul sandwiched between reverb and noisy samples.  Some serious subterranean hypercolorisms. Autre ne Veut // Two Days of Rain : Chocolate Bobka captured the sound in raw, grainy, flourescent, goodness:

new song // Danielson : "Grow Up"

new song // Danielson : "Grow Up"

Danielson // The Best of Gloucester County : Grow Up : 2010.03.14 : Fire Records : Peter liked Danielson Famile from the first skronky, squealy noises he heard emitting from his speakers back in some previous decade.  Peter loved Danielson’s most recent, Ships.  Peter is pretty excited about this song.

daytrottin' // Miniature Tigers

Playing two of my favorite songs—Tropical Birds and Bullfighter Jacket—from their last album, Miniature Tigers hit the Daytrotter studios and you can hear it all here!

live video // The Walkmen x Ray Concepcion

I just realized I haven’t posted a single thing about the stellar new Walkmen album Lisbon—which we’ve been spinning pretty regularly around these parts.  I suppose when you come to expect greatness from a band and they consistently deliver greatness [and then some], you start to take it for granted and neglect to talk about […]