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favorite music // 2012

favorite music // 2012

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interview // Lower Dens

interview // Lower Dens got Lower Dens to discuss the themes and inspiration behind one of our favorite albums of the year so far . . . [And, for the record—we would totally do Freaky Fridays with the band!]

new favorite album // Lower Dens : “Nootropics”

new favorite album // Lower Dens : "Nootropics"

Lower Dens // “Nootropics” : 2012.05.01 : Ribbon Music genre kraut dream post punk sounds like a kiss in the beach house. empty walls. supersonic jets gliding over permafrost. filtered light in churches on wednesdays. a blazing house on a hazy beach. flickering streetlight in the back seat of a cab. a spinning orb of desaturated light. […]

new song // Lower Dens : “Lamb”

new song // Lower Dens : "Lamb"

Lower Dens // Lamb :