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old gem // Nicky & Nicky : “Souvenir” [OMD cover]

old gem // Nicky & Nicky : "Souvenir" [OMD cover]

Discovered this rad cover of one of OMD‘s best songs over on Azure Blue‘s mixtape.  Anyone know anything about this band?? Nicky & Nicky // Souvenir [OMD cover] :

coming soon // OMD : "History of Modern"

Orchestra Manouevres in the Dark // “History of Modern” : 2010.09.20 : 100% Records Not wholly displayed in this blog (except perhaps via influences on the bands that are displayed on this blog) is my passion for the Post Punk/New Wave/IDM of the 80s—Echo & The Bunnymen, Wire, Magazine, New Order, Simple Minds, Tears for […]

25 favorite albums

These are albums I love listening to from beginning to end and have a magical appeal no matter the time, place or mood. These are not necessarily the albums I respect the most. In other words: this is a list of what I consider to be my favorite albums—but not, in all cases, what I […]