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photos // TIMBER! Outdoor Music Festival : 2013

photos // TIMBER! Outdoor Music Festival : 2013

The first annual TIMBER! Outdoor Music Festival happened last weekend in the forests of Carnation, WA. The festival was brimming with rad moment after rad moment—the night air sparkling with music from the Campfire Stage, Kithkin taking a banana-munching break into the microphone during their set, Kendra from Lemolo joining Kithkin on stage for a […]

cultish // Ra Ra Riot + Givers + Pepper Rabbit = barn storm

Peter likes making videos—here’s one he and his wife Sarah made (as Cult Sonoma) of a recent show in a barn on an historic, family-run winery! Also, some photos after the jump:

Toro Y Moi live concert via NPR

If you’re like Peter, you don’t get out to see shows as much as often . . . time was he’d go see a show or two per week.  But now, a certain 3 ft tall creature keeps him home most nights . . . which is why NPR’s live concert stream series is so […]