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new song // Destroyer : “Cover From The Sun”

new song // Destroyer : "Cover From The Sun"

Destroyer // Cover From The Sun :

new song // Destroyer : “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood”

new song // Destroyer : "Tinseltown Swimming In Blood"

Destroyer // Tinseltown Covered In Blood

new song // Destroyer : “Sky’s Grey”

new song // Destroyer : "Sky's Grey"

Destroyer // Sky’s Grey

remix // Destroyer : “My Mystery”

remix // Destroyer : "My Mystery"

Destroyer // My Mystery [DJ remix]

new song // Destroyer : “Times Square”

new song // Destroyer : "Times Square"

Destroyer // Times Square

new song // Destroyer : “Girl in a Sling”

new song // Destroyer : "Girl in a Sling"

Destroyer // Girl in a Sling

new song // Destroyer : “Dream Lover”

new song // Destroyer : "Dream Lover"

Destroyer // Dream Lover

video // Destroyer : “Bye Bye”

video // Destroyer : "Bye Bye"

Destroyer // Bye Bye

live video // Destroyer : “Libby’s First Sunrise”

live video // Destroyer : "Libby's First Sunrise"

Destroyer // Libby’s First Sunrise [live for City of Music]

new song // Destroyer : “Leave Me Alone” [New Order cover]

new song // Destroyer : "Leave Me Alone" [New Order cover]

Destroyer // Leave Me Alone [New Order cover] :

favorite music // 2011

favorite music // 2011

favorite songs favorite 20 albums top 5 albums top 10 eps favorite official videos favorite live videos favorite concerts

new music // Carter Tanton

new music // Carter Tanton

Currently on tour with War on Drugs and Purling Hiss, Carter Tanton exudes inventive singer-songwriterness in his own rich veign similar to (but oh so different from) Cass McCombs, Dan Bejar, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen…you know. His new album “Freecloud“—a Bowie nod—is an exciting patchwork narrative of fuzzy guitar, late summer sun, big ideas, small […]

video // Destroyer : “Savage Night at the Opera”

video // Destroyer : "Savage Night at the Opera"

Destroyer // Savage  Night at the Opera

new favorite album // Destroyer : "Kaputt"

new favorite album // Destroyer : "Kaputt"

Destroyer // “Kaputt” : 2011.01.25 : Merge genre soft glam pop sounds like ice skating at night. sipping vodka under a streetlight. Tonal rainbows in the mists of Avalon. Shafts of sunrise dragging across the interior of a Concord. notes an evolution of the tones and textures and songs on his beloved Your Blues. verdict […]

listen party // Destroyer : "Kaputt"

listen party // Destroyer : "Kaputt"

Peter doesn’t just like Destroyer.  Peter reveres him.  This album has taken that reverance to a stratospheric new height. Destroyer // Kaputt : 2011.01.25 : Merge Records : stream in its entirety here.

live video // Destroyer : "Painter in Your Pocket"

[vodpod id=Video.5291829&w=590&h=332&fv=mediaId%3Ddde5c47d7207438a82c9cc9e0f9bae71%26amp%3BadConfigurationChannelId%3D6d7d028115b1474b8f3202e5ef184771%26amp%3BplayerForm%3D88a26316a62d4655a806dda0da4e95ca%26amp%3BautoplayNextClip%3Dtrue%26amp%3BdefaultQuality%3DHD] Destroyer playing one of the songs Peter likes most from the Destroyer album Peter likes best.

new favorite video // Destroyer : "Kaputt"

Destroyer // Kaputt : Kaputt : 2010.01.25 : Merge Don’t get fooled by the first 45 seconds.  Or the next 90 seconds.  In fact, just don’t get fooled by anything.  

new song // Destroyer : "Chinatown"

new song // Destroyer : "Chinatown"

Destroyer // “Kaputt” : 2011.01.25 : Merge : Chinatown :

coming soon // New Pornographers : “Together”

New Pornographers Together To be released May 4—until then you can stream it in its entirety on NPR. New Pornographers // Together : Your Hands (Together) :

favorite albums of the decade.

Terrorism, war, recession . . . whatever.  This was a terrific decade for music.  These were the albums that gripped me and never let go and remain head-and-shoulders above the rest.

from the headphones: swan lake "enemy mine"

swan lake enemy mine genre death folk glam metal sounds like angels riding a thunderstorm. peaceful venom. splatter painting the cosmos. seasick wormholes.  wounded soldiers in an alternate history montmartre.  a drunken barn-raising. birds of paradise fluttering within a rambling glass conservatory. notes song title warlock psychiatrist most aptly describes the album. verdict just short […]

25 favorite albums

These are albums I love listening to from beginning to end and have a magical appeal no matter the time, place or mood. These are not necessarily the albums I respect the most. In other words: this is a list of what I consider to be my favorite albums—but not, in all cases, what I […]

the year in music: 2008

I need to rate and sort and organize and, apparently, report back. I can’t help it. after the jump, I’ve listed my favorite albums of 2008 along with some other musical tidbits: favorite albums of 2008 top five albums of 2008 favorite songs of 2008 favorite live shows of 2008 favorite 2008 discoveries of old […]